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Vintage Pieces Reimagined Collection

In this collection I have taken broken pieces of old jewelry and re-imaged it into a new design. This began when customers told me that they had broken sentimental pieces that were difficult to let go of because of the person who gave it to them. I took their memories and helped them to re-imagine them in a new, redesigned piece, like a grandmother’s broken necklace, re-shaped into a headdress for a grand daughter’s wedding. All jewelry tells a story, one that can be passed on.

#1Rivera,Cathi,_For Marissa_ Wedding Headpiece, 8_x2_x.50_ with 24_ satin ribbon,$450.00 .

"For Marissa"

Rivera, Cathi

Wedding Headpiece, 8"x2"x.50" with 24" satin ribbon

#2Rivera,Cathi,_A Rose for My Lady_, Vintage Brooch, metal, aluminum, pearls, cameo, cryst

“A Rose for My Lady”

Rivera, Cathi

Vintage Brooch, metal, aluminum, pearls, cameo, crystals, bone, 3"x2.75"x1.25"

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