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Over the years I have explored and experimented with different types of materials and techniques.
Please view my collections below. All of these items are one of a kind and available for purchase.

#2Rivera,Cathi, _See No Art_ Pendant, silver, glass, copper, pearls, 22_x1_x.25_, $250.00


Advocacy Collection: These pieces were inspired by the 17th century Japanese three wise monkey proverbial principle, see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. These pieces supported the need for Art Education in our schools, and were created using metal smithing, photography, photoshop, and stained glass techniques.

#1 RiveraCathi_Reaching For the Light_ pendant, silver,larimar pectolite,pearls,metal mesh

The Art of the Circle: Everything/Nothing

This collection is called The Art of the Circle: Everything/Nothing. In many cultures, the circle represents completeness, strength, repetition and nothingness. During the pandemic I have experienced all of these emotions both personally and as a reflection of current events. I have turned to nature to give me solace from the constant onslaught of the media but still found myself influenced by the circumstances that surrounded me. Incorporating fused glass, resin, stone, pearls, fiber and metal I was able to capture a moment in time.

#4Rivera,Cathi,Beaded Bracelet and matching earrings, sold .JPG

Custom Design

Custom Design Collection: Everyone wants something special that tells their own story in a jewelry design. In this case, I will meet with you, discuss exactly what you want and need, draw several designs, and then create a piece that speaks your voice. Jewelry is such a personal art, full of special meanings of time and place and you deserve to have something meaningful that tells your story. Here are a few pieces that I have made especially for those who want to tell their own story.

#3Rivera,Cathi, _Ruffled_, earrings, silver, pearls, crystals, 2.25_x1.25_x.50_, $250.00 .


This Earring Collection is inspired by stories of places I’ve been. Using metalsmithing techniques, I have taken crystals from a discarded hotel chandelier to remind me that memories are still present through jewelry design and can’t be easily discarded.

3.RiveraCathi,2023,_Kauai Sunrise_Aluminum,Brass,Copper,Shell,C-Print,Pendant,2.5_x2.5_x.5

Framed - from Sea to Garden

During the pandemic, I spent countless hours in my garden caring for and photographing my plants. Using watercolors, I painted many of them, sometimes in miniature.  This inspired me to incorporate these paintings and photographs into my jewelry designs while discovering new ways and other types of metal smithing techniques. On my first trip after the pandemic, I was inspired to create pieces using shells and the beautiful waterscape of Kauai. Inspired by Winslow Homer, I focused on the sea, which has always been an inviting place for me.

#11Rivera, Cathi, _In the Deep_, pendant, silver, fused glass, pearls, crystals,wire mesh,

Fused Glass

In this Fused Glass collection, I combined my love of stained glass with kiln glass fusing. The color and light reflected in the glass remind me of the beautiful crystalline light in the Miami ocean, landscape, and diversity of the color that all its inhabitants bring to this melting pot. Using metalsmithing techniques and my fused glass pieces, I have created the story and essence of this colorful place we call home.

#4Rivera,Cathi _Silence_,Fibula, silver, steel, glass, crystals, pearls, 2.5_x1.5_x.25_,$1

Self Portrait

Self Portrait Collection: These pieces were created with recycled steel and bottle caps using metalsmithing techniques and drawing techniques using Prismacolor Pencils. They were inspired by times of togetherness, grief, and connectivity with my family.

#1Rivera,Cathi,_For Marissa_ Wedding Headpiece, 8_x2_x.50_ with 24_ satin ribbon,$450.00 .

Vintage Pieces Reimagined

Vintage Pieces: In this collection I have taken broken pieces of old jewelry and re-imaged it into a new design. This began when customers told me that they had broken sentimental pieces that were difficult to let go of because of the person who gave it to them. I took their memories and helped them to re-imagine them in a new, redesigned piece, like a grandmother’s broken necklace, re-shaped into a headdress for a grand daughter’s wedding. All jewelry tells a story, one that can be passed on.

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