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Advocacy Collection

These pieces were inspired by the 17th century Japanese three wise monkey proverbial principle, see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. These pieces supported the need for Art Education in our schools, and were created using metal smithing, photography, photoshop, and stained glass techniques.

#1Rivera,Cathi, _Hear no Art_Pendant,silver,crystals,glass,photography,22_x1_x.50_,$250.00

"Hear No Art"

Rivera, Cathi

Pendant, silver, crystals, glass, photography, 22"x1"x.50",

#2Rivera,Cathi, _See No Art_ Pendant, silver, glass, copper, pearls, 22_x1_x.25_, $250.00

“See No Art”

Rivera, Cathi

Pendant, silver, glass, copper, pearls, 22"x1"x.25"

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