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Earring Collection

This Earring Collection is inspired by stories of places I’ve been. Using metalsmithing techniques, I have taken crystals from a discarded hotel chandelier to remind me that memories are still present through jewelry design and can’t be easily discarded.

#1Rivera,Cathi 2014, _Sea Stars_Earring Jackets,silver,copper,brass,freshwater pearls,cult

"Sea Stars"

Rivera, Cathi

Earring Jackets, silver, copper, brass, freshwater pearls, cultured pearls with silver posts, 1.75"x1.50"x.75"

#2Rivera,Cathi _Crystalized Jackson_ earrings, silver,crystals,pearls, 2_x1.25_x.25_ , $75

“Crystalized Jackson”

Rivera, Cathi

Earrings, silver, crystals, pearls, 2"x1.25"x.25"

#3Rivera,Cathi, _Ruffled_, earrings, silver, pearls, crystals, 2.25_x1.25_x.50_, $250.00 .


Rivera, Cathi

Earrings, silver, pearls, crystals, 2.25"x1.25"x.50"

#4 Rivera,Cathi, _Shrimp Earrings_, Silver crystals,pearls, 2.25_x.25_x.50_, $200.00 .JPG

“Shrimp Earrings”

Rivera, Cathi

Silver crystals, pearls, 2.25"x.25"x.50"

#5Rivera,Cathi _Elkhorn Earrings_ silver,freshwater pearls, silver posts and ear nuts, 2.5

“Elkhorn Earrings”

Rivera, Cathi

Silver, freshwater pearls, silver posts and ear nuts, 2.50"x1.25"x.25"

#6Rivera,Cathi, _Linear Chandelier_ Earrings, Silver,crystals, freshwater pearls, 1.75_x1.

“Linear Chandelier”

Rivera, Cathi

Earrings, Silver, crystals, freshwater pearls, 1.75"x1.25"x.25"

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