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The Art of the Circle: Everything/Nothing Collection

In many cultures, the circle represents completeness, strength, repetition and nothingness. During the pandemic I have experienced all of these emotions both personally and as a reflection of current events. I have turned to nature to give me solace from the constant onslaught of the media but still found myself influenced by the circumstances that surrounded me. Incorporating fused glass, resin, stone, pearls, fiber and metal I was able to capture a moment in time.

#1 RiveraCathi_Reaching For the Light_ pendant, silver,larimar pectolite,pearls,metal mesh

"Reaching For the Light"

Rivera, Cathi

Pendant, silver, larimar pectolite, pearls, metal mesh,1.25"x1.75"x.50"

#2 Rivera,Cathi _Let The Sunshine In_, pendant, ceramic,silver,pearls,20_taffeta, glass 4_

“Let The Sunshine In”

Rivera, Cathi

Pendant, ceramic, silver, pearls, 20"taffeta ribbon, glass, 4"x3.50"x.50"

#3Rivera,Cathi _Remembering Dreams_,Bracelet, Celadon Nephrite, silver,Biwa Pearls, Crysta

“Remembering Dreams”

Rivera, Cathi

Bracelet, Celadon Nephrite, silver, Biwa Pearls, Crystal Beads, Silk and Nylon, 8"x2"x.50"

#4Rivera,Cathi _Endless Repetition_BloodOnYourHands_, Bracelet, handformed silver chain,re

“Endless Repetition/Blood On Your Hands”

Rivera, Cathi

Bracelet, hand-formed silver chain, resin toggle, 7.5"x.50"x.25"

#5Rivera,Cathi _Between A Rock & Vert_, Pendant, Moss Agate, silver, taffeta ribbon, 2.50_

“Between A Rock & Vert”

Rivera, Cathi

Pendant, Moss Agate, silver, taffeta ribbon, 2.50"x2.50"x.75"

#6Rivera,Cathi _Evenings In The Garden_,Pendant,Jade,silver,18_silver chain, 1.75_x2.75_x.

“Evenings In The Garden”

Rivera, Cathi

Pendant, Jade, silver, 18"silver chain, 1.75"x2.75"x.75"

#7Rivera,Cathi _The Flowers That Remain_, pendant,fused glass,silver,pearl, 26_satin ribbo

“The Flowers That Remain”

Rivera, Cathi

Pendant, fused glass, silver, pearl, 26" silver chain, 1.5"x2"x.75"

#8Rivera,Cathi _The Light Left Behind_, pendant, Chalcedony,silver,pearl,rubber,brass, 2.5

“The Light Left Behind”
Honoring RBG

Rivera, Cathi

Pendant, Chalcedony, silver, pearl, rubber, brass, 2.50"x2.50"x.50

#9Rivera,Cathi, _With This Ring_,Pendant,Silver, pearls, TilaGlass, Rose Quartz, 18_x1.5_x

“With This Ring”

Rivera, Cathi

Pendant, Silver, pearls, Tila Glass, Rose Quartz, 18"x1.5"x1.5"

#10Rivera,Cathi _Diversity_, pendant, aluminum, copper, brass, crystals, pearls, chalcedon


Rivera, Cathi

Pendant, aluminum, copper, brass, crystals, pearls, chalcedony, 2"x2"x.75"

#11Rivera,Cathi _Maasai Memories_, Bracelet, aluminum, glass beads, 4_x4_x.175_,$250.00 .J

“Maasai Memories”

Rivera, Cathi

Bracelet, aluminum, glass beads, 4"x4"x.175"

#12Rivera,Cathi _The Waves In My Heart(forUkraine),Bracelet, aluminum, plastic, brass, gla

“The Waves In My Heart(for Ukraine)”

Rivera, Cathi

Bracelet, aluminum, plastic, brass, glass, silver, 8"x1.5"x.50"

#13Rivera,Cathi _Under the August Moon_, pendant, Silver,carved bone,pearls,silk, 2.25_x3_

“Under the August Moon”

Rivera, Cathi

Pendant, Silver, carved bone, pearls, silk, 2.25"x3"x2.5"

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