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Framed - From Sea to Garden Collection

During the pandemic, I spent countless hours in my garden caring for and photographing my plants. Using watercolors, I painted many of them, sometimes in miniature.  This inspired me to incorporate these paintings and photographs into my jewelry designs while discovering new ways and other types of metal smithing techniques. On my first trip after the pandemic, I was inspired to create pieces using shells and the beautiful waterscape of Kauai. Inspired by Winslow Homer, I focused on the sea, which has always been an inviting place for me.

1.RiveraCathi,2023, Copper,Aluminum,Shell,pearls,glass,watercolorJapanese crockery,Pendant

"Kauai Surf"

Rivera, Cathi

Pendant, Copper, Aluminum, Shell, pearls, glass beads, watercolors, watercolor paper, Japanese crockery, Waxed Cord, 1.75"x2"x.75"

2.RiveraCathi,2023,_Clouds_ Aluminum, Shell, Pearl, Glass Beads, Watercolors,Watercolor Pa


Rivera, Cathi

Pendant, Aluminum, Shell, Pearl, Glass Beads, Watercolors, Watercolor Paper, Waxed Cord, 1.5"x1.6"x.125"

3.RiveraCathi,2023,_Kauai Sunrise_Aluminum,Brass,Copper,Shell,C-Print,Pendant,2.5_x2.5_x.5

“Kauai Sunrise"

Rivera, Cathi

Pendant, Glass, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Shell, C-Print, Waxed Cord, 2.5"x2.5"x.50"

4.RiveraCathi,2022,_Spanish Needle_, Aluminum,Watercolor Paper, Watercolors,Brass,Copper,G

“Spanish Needle”

Rivera, Cathi

Pendant, Aluminum, Watercolor Paper, Watercolors, Brass, Copper, Glass, Black Pearl, Leather, .4"x2.5"x.25"

5.RiveraCathi,2023,_LaLa's Flowers_ Brass Copper,Aluminum,GoldenPearls,Glass,Leather,Penda

“LaLa's Flowers”

Rivera, Cathi

Pendant, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Golden Pearls, Glass, Leather, 1.5"x1.75"x.25"

6.RiveraCathi,2023,Copper,Brass,Aluminum,Pink Pearls, Waxed Cord,Pendant, 1.75_x2.75_x.75_

“Pink Ruffled Orchid”

Rivera, Cathi

Pendant, Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Pink Pearls, Waxed Cord, 1.75"x2.75"x.75"

7.RiveraCathi,2023,_Nodosa Morada_Aluminum,Copper,Glass Beads, Waxed Cord,Pendant,1.5_x1.5

“Nodosa Morada”

Rivera, Cathi

Pendant, Aluminum, Copper, Glass Beads, Waxed Cord,1.5"x1.5"

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