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Cathi Rivera

Jewelry Designer & Metalsmith


Flowing With Pearls

Unmatched Quality

Pieces are fabricated using traditional metalsmithing techniques with silver, brass, bronze, and copper. Other materials are collected from the many places I travel, African bone, Angkor Wat clay tablets, Venetian glass, Tibetan sand, and Egyptian rocks. 

Each piece tells a special story and shares a spiritual connection with another place and time. When wearing one of my pieces, others are drawn closer to examine and talk about the work, and that’s where the story begins.

Why custom jewelry

We've created unique pieces for many occasions



Create something new or incorporate something old

Couple Dancing_edited.jpg


What's better than one of a kind custom piece of jewelry for someone special!

Memorial Candle_edited.jpg


Remember someone that is no longer with us

Birthday Party_edited_edited.jpg


Surprise someone special with a one of a kind piece!

"Let me tell your story with a piece personally designed for you"

Cathi Rivera, Owner of Flowing with Pearls

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